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King County Civic Campus Plan

KC Civic Campus 2.png

King County’s civic campus encompasses eight buildings and eight acres of land near the southern edge of downtown Seattle. This historic area – nestled between the Central Business District, Pioneer Square, Chinatown International District, Yesler, and SODO neighborhoods – can remain the center of county government, but it can also be so much more: a 24-hour neighborhood, with residents and visitors of all incomes and backgrounds, filled with shops and restaurants and gathering spaces.


Much of King County’s civic campus is located immediately north and east of City Hall Park. Over time, many of the buildings operated by King County have become functionally obsolete and/or financially challenging to maintain. In addition, evolving business practices and the COVID-19 pandemic have led the County to reassess how it delivers some of its services to the public. In a time when local governments are focused on equitable pandemic recovery and revitalizing major cities and downtown cores, King County is engaging community members, city leaders, designers, and development professionals to transform the area around its civic campus into a vibrant place to live, work, visit, and thrive. 

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