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Prefontaine Place

Prefontaine Place Contemporary from the Seattle Department of Transportation

Prefontaine Place is a small park located across Third Avenue from City Hall Park. The centerpiece of Prefontaine Place is a fountain designed by Carl Frelinghuysen Gould, that dates to 1925 and is among Seattle’s oldest public fountains.

The City of Seattle is currently engaged in early planning and design efforts to assess the feasibility, cost, and logistics of reenergizing Prefontaine Place and the public spaces that surround it. This work includes the preparation of two potential design alternatives for the fountain:

1) restore the fountain as it was originally intended with water recirculating through a bowl;

2) remove the bowl or install nozzles in the concrete pavement to preclude standing water on site.

A technical report that examines these issues and options will be complete in summer 2024.

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